Coaching service

In this era of overconsumption where love is made disposable, we offer a simple and popularized approach in order to transmit to the client a rapid transformation and allow him to optimize a process of seduction to his advantage, in complete confidentiality, speed and efficiency.


Offered services :

1) Absolute confidentiality (interview in person, by video conference or telephone)
2) Duration determined by the client according to his needs (15, 30 or 60 minutes.)
3) A time slot available from Monday to Sunday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
4) An online support service for all forms of celibacy-related needs.

  • Easy payment by credit card upon receipt of invoice (not applicable for insurance)


Do you really need our services ?

1) I have been married for a very long time, I am no longer too familiar with the world of celibacy.
2) I am a professional and have devoted my entire life to being successful at work.
3) I always see the same pattern of short-term relationships and I would like to end this ritual.
4) I’m very in love at the moment but the relationship has weakened, I would like to solidify it.
5) I like someone so much, but it doesn’t seem to be mutual, how can I change that?
6) I think I am addicted, but I am not sure, I would like to check it out.
7) My grief does not seem to want to end to welcome a future relationship.
8) I am a busy person, I look good, I have a lot of financial means and I do not want to go to websites, bars or other places. I would like to optimize my research process in complete confidentiality, security and efficiency.
9) I just need a few basic things to please, in complete confidentiality and efficiency.


Prices :

15 minutes : $50
30 minutes : $75
60 minutes : $100

* Any excess service is calculated at an hourly rate of $ 100 / hr.


Our mission :

Optimize your attraction potential in a very short time with simple little tips and awareness raising. Most people who are successful professionally and / or humanely have a life coach. A coach is not a shrink, he is a facilitator, popularizer and good communicator. It allows an already intelligent person to choose their own path under different avenues offered. The right coach does not have the right answers, he has the right questions so that you can find your right answers.


Here are some avenues for reflection that we tackle according to your needs and your time determined by yourself before the session :

  • Understand why the approaches don’t work and some tips to discover.
  • Learn to attract the right person for you through simple behavioral changes.
  • Avoid the loneliness traps and / or the love-throwaway stream of virtual sites.
  • Become a better version of yourself
  • Learn the different codes of relational communication.
  • Learn to circumvent the pitfalls of the attraction process
  • Other ad hoc subjects at your convenience in connection with your single situation.


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We look forward to serving you well!