Our standard packages


Our concept is the same as real estate! Instead of you looking for a heat pump, hardwood floors with 5 bedrooms, you ask for a university, 5 and 8 and more, in your sector and non-smoker and then you tell our agent: – When you find it, contact me, I’ll go visit it! 🙂

No hidden defects, no waste of time, only quality!

Our proven methods guarantee you a high success rate.




2 presentations guaranteed

+ 1 essential



4 presentations guaranteed

+ 2 essentials




6 presentations guaranteed

+ 3 essentials



8 presentations guaranteed

+ 4 essentials



10 presentations guaranteed

+ 5 essentials

Without judgement, our clientele is not that of websites; everyone is screened, they are accomplished people who really want to get involved!

HERE, everything is true! : Photos, age, weight, intentions, salary, etc.

No waste of time with a very high success rate!


Everything you need to know:

No worries about the price!

We have packages to suit all needs and budgets. Our minimum package of $500 ensures financial autonomy and the seriousness of people. And for people who are more comfortable financially, we have services adapted for them in our division www.clubdistinction.com

Accomplished people want two (2) things: Quality and optimization, we offer these things!

Plus, we have a referral program that gives back $100 each time you refer someone, which can cushion your investment a bit.

Our professionals will clearly identify your needs and search criteria via profiling (1 hour appr.). And the same day after this profiling (less than 24 hrs), you will receive a presentation from a person who will meet your search criteria. Without judgement, our clientele is not the same as virtual websites. Everyone is carefully screened, which optimizes the research process in time and quality.

Since 1995, we have always operated in a commercial office with an area open to employees, but Covid19 forced us to review our model by adopting telework. This mode was revealing because we have improved our customer service by investing in an efficient program allowing us to work remotely, precise logs allow us to follow our customers’ files with a workflow system and our meetings are held by videoconference including profiling. Anyway, nowadays, there is no single person who is going to go and open a door with the mention <Dating agency>, we are no longer in the 80s! Our technology is avant-garde, our humanistic approach and our services are confidential! An effective and fast concept!

Beware of local competitors with attractive web showcases, ask the right questions before signing up. For example, ask them if they can guarantee regular frequency of presentations every 3 days! No other agency can do this because we have VOLUME and sophisticated equipment to ensure excellent follow-up. So before registering elsewhere, take the trouble to contact us (1-877-637-9339), it would be advantageous to inform you so that you can make an informed decision!

Have no fear, we are the undisputed leaders in the personal dating industry in Quebec. Our proofs are made, with 13,000 successful matches in 27 years, an average of 1 couple per day. And then they refer their friends to us, as simple as quality people. This is the secret of our success!